Intex iTab – Features and Price

Bhanu Pratap May 4, 2012 0
Intex iTab – Features and Price

The tablet market in the price range of Rs.15,000/- or less is hotting up with the Micromax funbook, Ainol Novo 7 and Zync to name a few. At this time Intex has entered the market with its new tablet priced reasonably at Rs.11,900/-. Can Intex attract buyers in this category with the features offered is what remains to be seen.


The tablet looks sophisticated even in its modest pricing with front matte steel finish and a silver lining between the screen and the bezel in an otherwise complete black look. The back though is glossy which can behave like a magnet to fingerprints if not regularly cleaned. A matte finish at the back would have been preferred. The Screen is 8 inches which makes it an attractive option considering that the competition tablets in this price range are mostly 7 inches.


VGA camera in front to accompany the 8 inch capacitive touchscreen with a G-Sensor and a resolution of 800X600 pixels. The permanent icon of a tower depicting the tablet’s wi-fi capabilities would be better had it not been there. The connectivity options are all located on the right of the tablet. A USB slot, a mini USB slot, micro SD card slot, 3.5 mm headphone jack, power slot, Reset slot, microHDMI,  microphone and power ON button. All these are on a single side. The only keys that are not on this side are the volume keys and menu button, which are on the top. The speaker is located at the back. The weight of the tablet is 457 grams which makes it ease to hold and use, both in portrait and landscape orientation as the weight distribution is equal. Another point worth mentioning is that even though the iTab is predominantly made of plastic it does not creak in your hand as some other plastic gadgets do and that too with a reasonable amount of pressure which may be applied while working on it.

All in all, the Intex iTab is a good value for money buy.

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