Samsung launches its Galaxy S3 smartphone for pre-order

Bhanu Pratap May 18, 2012 1
Samsung launches its Galaxy S3 smartphone for pre-order

TechNutty first reported about the probable launch of Samsung Galaxy SIII in April 2012. If reports are to be believed, then Samsung has already booked about Nine Million phones un pre-orders itself. Let us discuss some of its amazing features:

S Voice: For all those of you who have an eye on Apple iPhone’s ‘Siri’, the voice enabled assistant, here’s S Voice from Samsung. Tell it when you need to wake up or when to turn off the alarm. Accept or reject a call and even shoot a picture with your camera, all with a simple voice command.

Social tag: Keep track of your friends and loved ones with this feature. Just link the faces in your photo album, with your friends’ social media stream and you can see their status just by looking at their picture.

Direct call: This is also a feature worth talking about. If you are typing a message to someone and decide to call them instead, just lift the phone to your ear. The Samsung Galaxy S3 will automatically dial the number of the recipient of the message. No browsing through the phone book or pressing buttons. The phone does it for you.

Smart stay: With the innovative smart stay feature, Samsung GALAXY S III automatically recognizes when you are looking at the phone, whether it is to read an e-book or browse the web. The front camera looks deep into your eyes and maintains a bright display for continued viewing pleasure. What a bright idea.

Smart alert: When you leave your phone for some time, then come back and pick it up, wouldn’t it be nice if it lets you know what has been happening since you’ve been gone? Samsung GALAXY S III knows you came back and gives you a brief vibrating nudge to inform you about missed calls and new messages. That’s a very thoughtful feature indeed.

S Beam: An application to share content with your friends which will make you want to share more and more. S Beam allows you to share / transfer documents, contacts, pictures, videos, music, or anything you want, just by putting the backs of your phone together. Makes sharing all the more fun.

With lots of other smart features, look forward to a really cool phone in your hands.

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