About us

The idea behind creating TechNutty is to keep you updated on the latest Tech news and gadgets as far as possible, with information which is relevant and quickly accessible.

It will be our endeavour at TechNutty to provide you with the news, views and reviews about the latest technological advancements around the world. These may range from product portfolios, gadget reviews and even inside news about companies, all at one place. We would love to welcome all the tech buffs to be a part of this site by sharing their content which may on other platforms such as YouTube. In future, we would look forward to providing comparisons of various products, apart from just reviews to help users make informed choices in their life.

TechNutty is not just another site where information is pushed down your throat. Content is carefully analysed and we also love to get our readers involved in our content. The readers are allowed to discuss their ideas and express their views through comments or full fledged articles and blog posts. This not only gives them a chance to share their experiences about the latest technology but also try their hand at writing and actually get their articles published here. This is not just a news site, it is your community – the community of Tech buffs.

A short note from the author:

Right from childhood, have been a technology buff. As a child used to take a screw driver and open all of my toys just to see what ticks inside them. My parents once got me a wooden rocking horse with just four wheels and nothing else to open thinking that they would finally get some rest. Next day the wheels were being removed to check the shaft principle used in the making.
This craziness just stuck with me as I grew up and got interested in all the latest technological marvels that just keep springing up everyday. Used to blow all of pocket money just to keep myself updated with the latest walkman, which was one of the most interesting inventions paving the way for modern mp3 players and other portable music devices which are much more than just music devices now.
This site is just a step to ease that geek in me. To share and let you share the latest gadgets, news and anything related to technology.
Lets enjoy this feeling together.