Samsung to soon release Galaxy SIII Smartphone


Samsung, the Korean consumer electronics giant is prepared to launch its next smartphone under its Galaxy series. It has recently releasesd the teaser for this soon to be launched phone which will be known as Samsung Galaxy SIII Smartphone. This new phone will feature a quad core processor along with a 1280X780 pixel resolution display. The inbuilt camera will be an enviable 12 megapixel. Although no official announcement about the device has been issued by the Company, a lot of reports are already floating in the market.

Samsung has also revealed a teaser website for the upcoming Galaxy phone. This website will showcase a series of teasers related to the device in the next 10 days after which the device is expected to be launched in London. The website chosen for this device is called the which is nothing but a jumbled form for “The Next Galaxy”.

The quad core processor of the Galaxy SIII should be “Samsung Exynos 4412” which has a clock speed of 1.5 GHz, enabling a much faster graphic engine that is expected to perform 5 times better than earlier processors belonging to Samsung S2.

The 1280X720 pixel resolution dispaly will be available on a 4.6 inch super Amoled Screen. Coupled with a 12 Mrgapixel camera, the photos should give amazing screen shots.

The operating system of the SIII would be Android 4.0 Ice Crwam Sandwich, running on a 1 GB RAM.

The phone is expected to be launched in the European market in the first week of May 2012 and till such time, the pricing and availability has not been made available by the company. As has normally been the norm with Samsung products, it should be launched in the Indian market after about 10 – 15 days of its international launch.

Look forward to a great phone from Samsung.

Bhanu Pratap
Bhanu Pratap
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